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Farmowners Coverage

We know horses. Our equine experience provides for you the finest equine insurance that best suits your coverage requirements with competitive pricing. 

Farm Owner Property Insurance 
Farm Property Insurance insures your property and liability exposures under one policy. Coverage includes your home and its contents and  is identical to the coverage you would have under a Homeowners policy. All farm buildings including barns, indoor/covered arenas, hay and equipment buildings, loafing sheds and other buildings used for farm purposes. Also included is equipment used for farm purposes such as tractors, mowers, blades and small tools and equipment such as lawnmowers, weed eaters, shop equipment, tack and related horse equipment. Any coverage on scheduled items such as jewelry, furs, gun collections, stamp/coin collections can be included.  The policy is limited to a small amount such as $2500. The coverage would include such items as furniture and fixtures and electronic equipment such as computers, fax machines, etc. If needed, this limit can be increased to cover the full value of this property. Commercial and Personal Liability for owning the farm property  and other types of liability including your business liability for boarding, breeding, training, riding instruction, clinics, shows, etc.

Employers Liability
Part of the employers liability can be included on your farm policy in some states we can also include coverage for Employers Liability. This would extend to $5,000. Medical Payments are limited to an employee who is injured on the job. If the employee later brings a claim or lawsuit against you for his/her injuries we then go into the $1,000,000; limit of liability coverageand the employee will have to prove that you were responsible for their injury.
Please contact us for coverage not listed here.

Education is a priority. We know that you need to understand what products are available to you to make an informed decision. We will be happy to spend time explaining the selected coverage so you will be confident in your equine insurance decision. And as always, please read the insurance policy!