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Liability Coverages

Commercial Equine Liability
Coverage if your horse business involves boarding, training, breeding, riding instruction, shows, clinics etc. This coverage will protect you in case someone is injured or their property is damaged as a result of your horse business activities. Coverage includes legal costs associated with a claim or lawsuit. 

Care Custody and Control

If your horse business involves having someone else’s horses in your care, custody or control, such as, boarding, breeding and training, this coverage is for you.  It will protect you in the event something happens to a customer’s horse due to an accident, sickness, disease or theft and you are held responsible. This is a two limit policy with one limit applying per horse and the other is a maximum limit per year. This does not include owned horses. 

Horse Clubs and Associations
Covers  host events where the general public is in attendance; this can lead to liability insurance claims being made against them. Coverage under our horse club/association policy is designed to cover all events of the organization throughout the year such as shows, clinics, exhibit booths, meetings, trail rides, parades, etc. in the event that someone is injured and tries to hold the club/association responsible. This coverage is often referred to as “spectator coverage” and does not cover members of the club/association.  There is a minimum premium and is usually rated on a per day basis.

Therapeutic Riding Program Liability
Covers the directors, partners, volunteers and instructors of the therapeutic riding program in the event of a liability claim or lawsuit. It also extends to cover events open to the public such as fund raisers, picnics, demonstrations and Special Olympics. This can be included with able bodied programs or separate.

Personal Horse Owner Liability
Do you own horses for your own personal use your and your Does your homeowners policy extend your liability protection to cover accidents caused by your horse? If not, this coverage will fill that gap and give you horse-related liability protection.

Horse Event Liability
Protection is available for anyone who sponsors horse shows, clinics, rodeos, seminars, etc.  This coverage applies to the members of the public (spectators) who may be injured at your event. It does not apply to exhibitors or participants at your events.

Umbrella LiabilityCoverage will provide additional protection above Commercial Equine Liability Limits as well as your Vehicle Liability Limits. Typically available in limits of $1,000,00 to $10,000,00.

Please contact us for coverage not listed here.

Education is a priority. We know that you need to understand what products are available to you to make an informed decision. We will be happy to spend time explaining the selected coverage so you will be confident in your equine insurance decision. And as always, please read the insurance policy!