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Mortality Coverage

Full Mortality Coverage
Full mortality allow you to recover the value of your horse in the events of its death resulting from accident, sickness, disease, humane destruction and theft.Full Mortality Coverage

After a per claim deductible, this coverage pays most veterinary medical and surgical expenses up to $5,000 or $12,500 per claim depending on the major medical endorsement.  It is a form of health insurance on your horse and is purchased as an addition (endorsement) to the Full Mortality policy. Coverage applies to medical or surgical treatment, including diagnostic procedures, performed by a licensed veterinarian as a result of accident, sickness or disease and must be approved by the insurance company ahead of any procedure.  Read the endorsement to see what exclusions applied. Horses between the ages of 30 days and 15-16 years, depending on the insurance company, are eligible for this coverage. 

After a deductible, Surgical Expenses Only coverage covers up to the amount of coverage purchased of surgical expenses incurred to save the life of a covered animal when the surgery is required as a direct result of a covered accident, sickness or disease.


Will pay 60& of the insured mortality value if your horse becomes totally and permanently unfit to perform its use as specified in the policy on your horse and is available as an addition (endorsement) to the Full Mortality policy and Major Medical policy. This coverage is only available on performance horses, i.e. halter horses and breeding stallions  are not eligible, and would apply if your horse becomes totally and permanently unable to perform his intended use as shown on the policy due to accident, injury, sickness or disease but the condition does not necessitate destruction for humane reasons.

Unlike full mortality, limited mortality only covers death due to certain types of accidental causes such as fire, lightning, and transportation.