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Specialty Coverages
We know horses. Our equine experience provides for you the finest equine insurance that best suits your coverage requirements with competitive pricing. 

Stallion Fertility
Will pay 100% of the insured mortality value if your breeding stallion becomes permanently unable to breed because of an accident, sickness or disease. However, coverage is available to insure the breed-ability only of your stallion.  Stallion Infertility  covers you if your stallion becomes permanently unable to breed due to accident, sickness or disease. The rate for this coverage is usually .75-1.00% of the Full Mortality value and the claim payment amount is usually 100% of the Full Mortality value. 

Barrenness Insurance
Coverage guarantees that the mare will produce a live foal.

This coverage is designed for Farmers operating with a goose-neck trailer and for companies that haul livestock commercially.

Please contact us for coverage not listed here.

Education is a priority. We know that you need to understand what products are available to you to make an informed decision. We will be happy to spend time explaining the selected coverage so you will be confident in your equine insurance decision. And as always, please read the insurance policy!